[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section].Nikon D200..Focal Length: 28mm..Optimize Image: Custom..Color Mode: Mode II (Adobe RGB)..Long Exposure NR: Off..High ISO NR: Off..2007219 17:05:35.2..Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority..White Balance: Shade +3..Tone Comp.: High Contrast..Compressed RAW (12-bit)..Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern..AF Mode: AF-S..Hue Adjustment: 0°..Image Size: Large (3872 x 2592)..1180 sec - F9..Flash Sync Mode: Not Attached..Saturation: Normal..Color..Exposure Comp.: -1.0 EV..Sharpening: Medium high..Lens: 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 D..Sensitivity: ISO 200..Image Comment: ..[#End of Shooting Data Section].

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