Curator – Photo Activist – Educator 

With a degree in Peace Studies, photography & curation is a means of peace work to me in addition to being a visual art. Most of the 400+ exhibitions i have curated and organized were with artists, subject matter and locations that 

Having seen the positive impact image making & exhibitions can have firsthand drives me to continue to work on the frontlines of this medium in places like the Kachin MicroNation, were the world’s media and NGO’s continue to ignore.

in addition to his own curitorial projects, ryan has worked as a guest curator and reviewer for several photo festivals & organizations

Most recently curating Rebels & Reform – a showcase of photography from Burma with 5 exhibitions.

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 

Local host for 2012.

Rebels & Reform 

A showcase of contemporaty photography from Burma
7 exhibitions & panel for the Month of Photography - Denver 

Rebels & Reform 

A showcase of contemporaty photography from Burma
7 exhibitions & panel for the Month of Photography - Denver 


Organizational Affiliations

Chapnick Grantee





Guest Curator

Curatorial, Educational & Photo Activist Projects

selected past curation

Ansel Adams

Born Free & Equal

Diana Markosian

Goodbye my Chechnya

Jongwoo Park

Forbidden Forest

Hkun Li

Life on the front line

Noriko Hayashi

Unholy Matrimony

Mohammad Golchin

Mountain Schools

Athit Perawongmetha

Red Yellow

Seokjin Kim

Three-line slippers blues

Hkun Lat

The People’s War

Suthep Kritsanavarin


Foundry Workshop

2012 selected works

(co-curated with Alison Morley)

Kachin Refugees

Let my voice be heard

Director – Curator & Founder of Doc Arts Asia & CDAF – Co-founder of f/28 Month of photography

In 2011 Ryan was awarded the Chanpnick grant from the prestigious W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund


The grant is to “encourage and support leadership in fields ancillary to photojournalism”

He used the grant to start a photo gallery/library/theater/residency program & workshop center in Thailand to serve the South East Asia region & beyond.

In addition to my own projects Ryan loves to help out with other photo projects.

Some places Ryan works with include, International Photography Awards, UNESCO, The Photography Ethcis Centre, The Olympic Committee, Photo Lucida, Dali Photo Festival, Suwon Photo Festival, KyotoGraphie, UNPD, the EU, Red Dot Design Awards and more.

If you would like Ryan to be involved as a curator, juror, reviewer or instructor for other projects please get in touch